Research and Fellowship Entrance Exams

The knowledge index of any human society is determined by research work carried across academia and industry. For an institution, faculty members and students some of the signals of successful research are No. of Research Papers Published, Successful Patents, Patents and Research Papers submitted for approval, ongoing research and Publications etc. Also a lot weightage is given to the fact that how a successful research and innovation and/or invention is going to make people's life better both in the local conditions and beyond.

The Institutes of Higher Education, University Departments and Research Centers has the task to encourage more and more people to pursue research program. Generally admission to research programmes is open after 4 years of college degree or a postgraduate degree. However, institutes starts encouraging students to pursue research oriented courses at early stage when they are in High School. Also to draw interests in the field of research work schools are encouraged to engage students in extra curricular activities those can leverage young minds with research aptitude. However, admission to research work programmes generally opens after 16 years of study. At this stage candidates can apply to a research programme of interest and get research degree.

The MHRD has many autonomous bodies under it to promote higher education and research in academics. So students show interests in taking research work various scholarships, fellowships, and assistance like free living facilities, book grants etc are offered. Students selected to pursue research work get paid decent amount of money during the course work. Also, semi funded and self funded research programmes are offered. Industries encourage eligible employees to take a break from work and join research work so they can do better for the industrial growth.

The future of successful researchers is undoubtedly bright. They are employed across all sectors of government and private agencies.

Some the typical research programmes are; MS, MPhil, PhD, D.Litt, JRF, SRF etc. Name of a research programme may vary according to research field.

Admission to research programmes is offerd through Entrance Examinations or Admission Test, Viva Voce or Interview etc. Also a good academic record is mandatory for enrollment and award of scholarship and fellowship.

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