Science Programmes Admission Tests

To study science is a dream and to get into a reputed science programme is a dream of intelligent beings.  Understanding of science helps you to help others and alleviate social and cultural strata of society. Basic Science as a subject is introduced in a child’s life as soon as he / she join school and those who pursue Advanced Science as higher studies got fair opportunity to work in the world of science and technology.

To pursue a science programme as Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies candidates require appearing for entrance examination and securing rank in merit. The universities and institutes of higher education across India offer many different science programmes to deserving candidates on the basis of rank in entrance test.

So you can find a suitable entrance examination that matches your programme requirement we have gathered here exclusive details about various Entrance Examinations for Admission to Under Graduate and Postgraduate Programmes in Science.

To find a suitable programme in science and technology and relevant entrance examination go to University Hub.

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