STEM Subjects Admission Tests

The STEM subjects i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics are offered across length and breadth of India. You can study an STEM subject of your choice from different universities and institutes of higher education. Qualifications are offered at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. Also there are available many diplomas and certificate programmes.

STEM subjects have great potential to make changes necessary for human development. A candidate studying an STEM subject has great potential to become part of International community as scholar, researcher or scientist. 
Study of STEM subjects makes you strive for new knowledge which in turn contributes to overall development of human capital. To join STEM programmes at college you need to have qualification in Physical Sciences/Mathematics/Life Sciences at senior secondary level education. Institutes may also ask for Score in English in qualifying examination. 

Generally candidates need to write entrance examination for admission.

There are many colleges, universities and institutions of higher education to offer STEM programmes. 

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