GRE: Graduate Record Examination

GRE is standardized test taken by college graduates preferably with 4 year qualification or higher for Graduate Program Admission. Students looking to go abroad for higher studies write GRE. It's offered in two versions; GRE General and GRE Subjects.

GRE Score is used by admission officers and fellowship programs. Its considered as one test to measure your skills, ability to complete a Graduate Program and employability. GRE is internationally accepted test administered across 160 countries and used by more than 1000 graduate schools. GRE is also a measure of skills for MBA program and JD program.

You can take the GRE General throughout the year, while GRE Subject is offered three times in a year. There are many institutions in India those accept GRE for admission, scholarship and fellowship. Here is list of institutions in India accepting GRE Score.

For students taking GRE we have gathered exclusive details about GRE General, GRE Subject Tests. To know more click on the link of your interests below.

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