Take IELTS: Measure your English Proficiency

The IELTS across India offered by British Council. Anyone can register for IELTS and write the test. The score measures your English proficiency. Test works as benchmark for Indians looking to study abroad and work in a country where English is First language. Recruiters looks for IELTS score while sorting out applications.

In academic settings, admission officers are very much particular about your English proficiency Score. IELTS score shows whether you would be able to stay in an English speaking environment. The score also work as prediction of whether you would be able to complete course work from an institution where language of instruction is English.

If you looking to study or work in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands, the IELTS could be your first choice to show English skills. Score is also accepted in many other English speaking countries and also across many institutions based in Non-English speaking countries. The institutes that delivers coursework in English consider IELTS score as a benchmark of quality.

Good IELTS Score help administrators in shortlisting your application. However, its not work towards your selection for a said course or job position. Institutes and Industry has own standard of selection procedure. You may need to undergo other written test and interview for final selection.

IELTS Test Dates and Centers in India

The IELTS is administered 4 times over a month. Score is valid for a period of two years. All major cities across India has IELTS Test Centres. Know IELTS test location and test dates near you.

How to register for IELTS

  • Register online or through post / courier. Online registration is recommended as its quick, fast, easy and paper free too. Follow the following steps for IELTS registration
  • Download and Read the information for candidates
  • Decide which IELTS Test is right for you. Read here IELTS Test Types
  • Know test dates. When IELTS is administered near you. Use online registration system to find latest information and test availability. On the test day page, also you will get know, price for IELTS in your currency. Same also has mention in the downloaded information for candidates.
  • Register online; complete the two simple steps; 1. Chose a Date, 2. Pay test fee using a bank debit card / credit card or Netbanking

Or you can chose to register through post / courier in three steps.

Download registration form

  • Chose test date
  • Fill your details in downloaded application form
  • Pay by Demand Draft or Cash. To pay in Cash visit the nearest ICICI Bank and pay in slip.
  • On the registration form you will need to provide an address where BlueDart Courier Service is available. The IELTS study book and the TRF will be despatched at the address you provide on the registration form.

Check Blue Dart Courier Service availability in your location.

What After IELTS Registration

  • Check your email; once payment is received the IELTS will send you a link in your email. This link will contain Free Online Preparation Course
  • After 14 day of IELTS registration you will get Free IELTS Preparation Book at your address.
Read on our World Education Channel detailed information about IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems)

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