ITEP or International Test of English Proficiency is a language assessment tool, which is used to measure English Language skills of non native English speakers. The ITEP test is a trademark of Boston Educational Services, cofounded in the year 2002 by Perry Akins and business partner Sharif Ossayran.

Types of iTEP

The ITEP test structure can be divided into five types, which are
  • iTEP Core
  • iTEP Plus
  • iTEP Academic
  • iTEP Business
  • iTEP Slate
The iTEP Core is an internet based test with a duration of 50 minutes. It consists of reading, grammar and listening. Moreover, the scores of this test are available immediately to the candidates.

The iTEP Plus is another internet based test with a duration of 90 minutes. It consists of writing and speaking with reading, grammar and listening. The scores of this test are available in 5 business days.

The iTEP Academic is majorly used in academic institutions such as, universities, colleges and intensive English programs.

The iTEP Business is used companies to test the English skills of candidates that are required for work environment. Several companies use iTEP to screen new hires, decide upon various promotions and assignments, also to evaluate English training programs.

The iTEP Slate is another form which is used by boarding schools and other academic institutions to evaluate the performance of high school and middle school students.


The iTEP scoring is done on a scale of 1 to 6, which is done for each section as well as for overall rating.  Like other tests, each point is made equivalent to a range of scores.


ITEP is supported by more than 600 institutions, which includes the California State University system as well. It is also available in more than 30 countries with a usage in business and government institutions as well. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Colombia use iTEP for several institutions.

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