German Language Business Proficiency Test-ZDfB

Certificate in German for the Professions, or ZDfB (Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf), is a globally recognized exam, which assess the level of German language proficiency for business and professional purposes. The ZDfB is established, managed and run jointly by telc GmbH and Goethe-Institute. It corresponds to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) B2 level exam.

A Certificate in German is issued by the Goethe-Institute that is acknowledged worldwide.  Students who pass this test will be able to function confidently in a corporate environment in Germany and augment their chances for employment in the country. Business German courses build up students' vocabulary and knowledge of business documents in preparation for this test.

Eligibility Criteria

The ZDfB is available to all regardless of their nationality. People aged 18 or above can appear for the examination.

Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf-ZDbF calls for knowledge of the German language at the fourth level of competence (level B2) set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf consists of a written and oral examinations.

Written examination
Candidates are given a few texts, letter and an audio conversation. They are required to read and interpret the texts (factual and newspaper). Besides, candidates are required to listen to a short conversation, message, extracted from a telephone conversation, and respond to the questions asked based on the audio conversation. Along with these exercises, candidates also need to write a business letter using appropriate words.

The written section assesses the following skills: knowledge of lexicon, Understanding and reading of the text, and writing skills.
  • Duration: 160 minutes
Oral examination
In this section, candidates are required to express themselves in routine settings at workplace. They are required to introduce themselves and take part in discussions. Talk to your conversation partner about a subject matter. During the dialogue session, applicants need to reply to questions, state their point of views and build propositions.
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Registration and Fees

You can register for the exam at your nearest examination center. The fees vary from year to year. To know more about the registration process and fees, visit the examination center or Goethe-Institute.

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