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IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida, started “B Tech (Artificial Intelligence)” which will help the students explore career avenues available in the 21st century. When it comes to best work, handful technologies rank out just as much as artificial intelligence. Considering the challenging job scenario due to #Covid19, IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida, has inaugurated undergraduate AI course with an emphasis on technologies of the future and their applicability in real life scenarios.
Mr. Mayank Agarwal, a young futurist, is the managing Director of IIMT group of colleges! He has benevolently focused to the advancement and spreading out of teaching in India. His exemplary skills help him to build a good alliance with colleagues and students. He has garnered the Best Personality & Young Entrepreneur Prize in Meerut and AIATF 2018 for Bravery.
Bachelor of Technology (Artificial Intelligence) is a four year programme (full time) affiliated to Dr. APJ Technical University, Lucknow approved by AICTE.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being widely recognised to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy. AI in the past few years has gained geo-strategic importance and a large no. of countries are striving hard to stay ahead with their policies initiative to get their country ready.
As a beginning in this direction AICTE has introduce AI as a new branch in Engineering to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching learning and also sensitize the new generation which make India’s next generation ‘AI READY’.
AI might just be the single largest technology revolution of our live times, with the potential to disrupt almost all aspects of human existence. The aim of this course is to strive together to make our students future ready and help them work on incorporating Artificial Intelligence to improve their learning experience.
Today, AI has left no sector untouched by its innovations and novelty. Its contributions to the educational sector, especially, have been most beneficial because education forms the basis of all knowledge and progress. Therefore, empowering and updating educational systems with AI has resulted in better impartment of knowledge and thorough and worthy evaluation of assessments by making them less of a black box.
B.Tech (Artificial Intelligence) degree help students become updated with the basic principles of AI. Opting the Best Artificial Intelligence course helps students develop an understanding of how to implement the principles of AI in expert systems, intelligent agents, artificial neural networks and other models of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Students of B.Tech Artificial Intelligence will be able to investigate the potential, present degree, ramifications and restrictions of intelligent frameworks.
Engineering applications of Artificial Intelligence can be applied in a range of fields like defence, teaching, medicine, finance, arts etc. Engineering graduate find jobs in various fields on job profiles like Robotics Programmer, Video Game Programmer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Researcher, Business Intelligence Developer etc
Companies that aggressively hire B.Tech AI graduates include Wipro, Infosys, Adobe, IBM, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft, Accenture and more.
IIMT Group of Colleges began in 1994 with a dream to help create an equitable, healthy, caring, and vibrant nation. IIMT, as a large and varied organization, instils skills in the field of engineering, management, education, law, pharmacy, and so on. Our goal is to deliver professionals primed for industry-ready with sound work ethics and principles. Recognized as the best educational providers and one of North India's credible educational bodies is a pretty good indicator of our progress. The Group includes mainly 1 University, 7 Institutions, 1 School, 1 Boarding School, and 3 Pre-Schools. The IIMT is accessible to further than 20000 learners who undertake 100 + programs from nursery to Ph.D., spanning across 100 acres across 8 campuses.

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