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Education is not only about entrance exams and admission to colleges and universities. A lot of other resources like education funding and scholarships, ranking of colleges and universities, books and education apps that will  help you achieve your goal. will keep on adding new and updated resources on everything related to education that will be useful for students and parents as well.

NIRF Ranking of Indian Colleges and Universities

Keeping the vast landscape of higher education in mind, the NIRF devised separate rankings for different streams and categories. This led to the rankings of management, engineering, pharmacy, architecture as well as general colleges and universities. From 2017, an overall ranking was also introduced. Only institutes having more than 1000 students enrolled were considered for overall ranking. For the latest 2018 ranking of colleges and universities, click here

Education Funding

Higher education is not cheap especially if one wants to pursue research and courses in management, engineering or medicine. Moreover, it is almost impossible to study abroad without scholarships or sponsorships. Find all the details of national and international scholarships right here.

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