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Spain is a country of spectacular geographical terrain and has a very unique culture. With its rich heritage, it is also the home to some of the most ancient universities in Europe. It also is the home to one of the most vital languages spoken in Europe and around the world too - Spanish. Ever since it became a part of the European Union since 1986, Spain has emerged as a rather popular destination for students within the educational exchange program Erasmus and for summer study abroad programs. You can chose from a range of degrees including a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree, or even a summer study abroad program. You can be assured of choosing from a range of subjects and study opportunities. The main medium of teaching here is Spanish but there are plenty of universities here that also offer you the option to study in English or any other foreign language. In Spain, one can enjoy the amazing balance of modernity and history to give you quality education.

English Requirements

Anyone who wants to study in Spain should fulfill a minimum English language requirement and this applies to any other country if you want to study in Europe. Some universities do test your English language requirement as per European standards and look for TOEFL or IELTS Score etc. Or you can also have command of English corresponding to the B1/B2 level (intermediate) according to the European language passport.

A lot of courses here are in Spanish, which means that along with studying a regular degree, you also get the opportunity to study and learn a new language. Those with the basic knowledge of Spanish should enroll for course in English, unless they are planning to learn Spanish alongside their full time course. One can also coordinate with their university and find out if there are special provisions to learn the same. Spanish remains to be the second most commonly spoken language in the world and if you do learn the same, it would be a value add-on to your CV.

Interesting facts about education in Spain

  • Spain's emergence as a popular destination for students is also because of the Erasmus exchange programme. According to this, one can spend a year away from their home university in a foreign country and study.
  • Spain is also the home to some of the oldest and heritage universities in the world tat include Universitat de Barcelona, which is the highest rated in the 2014–15 QS World University Rankings at 166th. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona follows at 173rd, with the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid at 178th. See latest World University Rankings.
  • All together, there are about 76 universities, out of which 2/3rd of these state-funded while the remainder are private institutions.   

Entry and Visa Regulations for EU Students

Those who are from the EU itself, do not need a visa to study in the country. However, they must get a residence permit from the Central Registry Office for Foreigners within three months of arrival. For undergraduate courses, one has to get in touch with the Spanish National University for Distance Education in order to have your documents validated and confirmed. If there are any special requirements that apply to your home country, you can check the same. Once this is sorted, you can apply directly to the university of your choice. The cut-off date for applying to universities in Spain for autumn admission is in June, but it is suggested to apply earlier to sort out your papers. For postgraduate students, the application process is done directly.

Students have the option of getting scholarships too but that is really limited. One has the option to work part-time while studying and no extra permission is needed for the same. But Spanish knowledge is mandatory here. UK students who possess the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) have the provision of free healthcare in Spain like local residents.

Visa for students from other Countries

  • Like EU citizens, U.S. citizens too don’t need a visa for studying in Spain. But they must obtain a valid permit within 3 months of entering the country. One can apply to the consulate in case they are from U.S. All other students need to fill these documents in order of getting student visa, which includes-
    • 2 Schengen Application forms dully filled out and signed.
    • Passport that must be valid for the intended period of your stay in Spain. There should be at least one blank page to affix the visa. Also students may need to provide drivers license, ID card, current student ID, etc.
    • 2 recent photos passport size with a white background. Staple one photo on each of the application forms.
    • Letter of acceptance as a full time student from Spain's University/School or from the funded program indicating: name, address and registration number of the school with Spain's Department of Education; (Ministerio de Educacion de Espana) full payment of tuition, duration of the program, subjects of the study and hours of study per week which must be no less than 20.
    • Health Insurance or any international insurance coverage for health/accident with a minimum coverage equal to €30,000 during the planning period of stay in Spain.

Popular Courses in Spain


One of the most popular courses to study in Spain is Polytechnic. Along with having some of the top ranking colleges here, the process or method of studying is rather unique. Students get both practical and theoretical knowledge here along with a plethora of job opportunities after finishing their graduation. In fact, with limited students in a classroom one also gets undivided attention and the benefit of enjoying the latest technological benefits in the field of studying. With an array of courses being available, you must ensure that the university you are enrolling for has a course option in English.

Top Universities
  • Polytechnic University of Valencia
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Technical University of Madrid
  • Technical University of Cartagena


Spain is known for being the home to some of the most influential artists in history. International students in particular enjoy the benefit of learning and studying in a country with such diverse heritage and rich cultural background. The educational institutions in Spain provide an environment where the focus of studying art is not only on creativity and intellectual development, but also understanding the basics of the subject. The most popular of the courses in the art department here include painting, sculpture, theatre arts, design, and arts administration and are designed for students seeking professional and artistic development or simply to learn something new. There are also various forms of Arts Study courses in Spain that are available part time. Hence students get the option to both study and learn at the same time.

Top Universities
  • European Master of Fine Art Photography
  • Masters - Graphic Design And Illustration
  • Course in Art and Spanish Language Estudio Nomada
  • Course in Study Art in Barcelona Estudio Nomada

Music and Dance

Spain has its share of rich cultural vibrancy that goes back all the way back to the Roman times. The Moorish Muslims were some of the key players here when it came to influencing the art and culture here. Not only did they leave behind their architectural and artistic footprint all over the Iberian Peninsula, they also left behind an insight of their dance, art and music forms here. With unique Spanish architecture, sidewalk cafes, and delicious paella you can find small music groups all around the city. They are known especially for their symphonic, choral, and opera performances. There are both local and international plays here that exude the Spain’s dance scene offers everything from classic ballet to Flamenco.

One also has the option of taking or doing internships here alongside with the learning process. You can pursue your favorite degree in music and dance and also keep learning in the process. You have the option to work alongside too and it is strongly recommended to brush up on your Spanish prior to taking up the course because a lot of the interaction and lessons does happen in the native language. One can chose from a range of subjects that offers a blend of both dance and music or cater to something exclusively focused on dance.

Top Universities
  • University of Berklee, Valencia
  • Middlebury College School in Spain: Madrid
  • CIEE Language and Society Program in Seville
  • AIFS Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Finance and Marketing

In Spain, you can benefit by choosing from a range of subjects that offers you with a certified degree at both graduate and undergraduate levels in both finance and marketing. The master’s course here is usually a 2 year program that is about 36 to 54 semester credits. Getting a master degree in Finance degree provides graduates with a strong foundation for careers in financial analysis, investment management and corporate finance. During the course, one gets an experience of solid understanding of the principles and practices of finance.

Top Universities
  • Carlos III University of Madrid B.Sc. Finance and Accounting
  • University of Valencia Bachelor Finance and Accounting
  • University of Alcala - UAH BBA Accounting and Finance
  • EU Business School B.Sc. Business Finance
For latest admission guidelines see SpainEducation.Info

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