Wrestling Federation of India

Wrestling in India is also known as Dangal, and it is the basic form of a wrestling tournament. With the establishment of Wrestling Federation of India, the oldest sport in India got recognition.

Objectives of Wrestling Federation of India

  • To encourage, promote and control amateur wrestling activities. 
  • To affiliate Wrestling Associations of States and Centrally administered areas, Services Sports Control Board, Railway Sports Promotion Board and other all India Institutional Boards.
  • To affiliate with the Indian Olympic Association. 
  • To affiliate with the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles [FILA] and to enforce rules and regulations of FILA.
  • To arrange the holding of Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior Wrestling Championships every year as per FILA Rules at places selected by the Executive Committee. 
  • To authorized a State Wrestling Association for holding wrestling competitions of InterRegional nature in the Union of India. 
  • To arrange for participation of Indian Wrestling teams in International Wrestling Championships and in the case of Olympics, Asian and Commonwealth Games through Indian Olympic Association. 
  • To maintain control over officials and keep a panel of trained officials to work in approved contests. Also to arrange for their training and tests whenever required to maintain good standard of officiation. 
  • To conduct systematic coaching camps for the benefit of wrestlers.
  • To lay down the general policy under which the State Wrestling Associations and other affiliated units will function. 
  • To register wrestlers and promote friendly bouts among them. 
  • To do all such things as may be conducive to the promotion and development of Amateur wrestling in the country and for the attainment of the object for which the Society is established.

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Wrestling Federation of India 
21, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001
Phone: +91 11 2334 2552
Email: IND@united-world-wrestling.org 

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