IIMT Indradhanush - Let's Be Smart (Being A Winner)

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IIMT College of Management, Greater NOIDA, organized online event – IIMT Indradhanush, - LET'S BE SMART (BEING A WINNER) by PROF. R.K. KHANDAL, former Vice Chancellor of APJ Abdul Kalam University on 18 July, 2020. The lecture focused on the dynamic situation and the way and means available to be successful in the current scenario with a hawk eye focus of Indian ethos and value system. He supported his views with numerous live examples from the corporate and academic world.

Prof. Dr. R.K. Khandal Is the President, R&D and Business Development at India Glycols Limited, a well renowned and one of its kind company in the world. Unanimously elected President of WAITRO; World Association of Ind. & Tech. Organization; a UN body; 2010-'12 & 2012-'14. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, and Former Vice-Chancellor of Uttar Pradesh Technical University from September 2012 to May 2015. R.K. Khandal has over 4decades of teaching experience.
It was a fascinating and intellectual discourse on the current scenario and need of skilled-based training with a social-centric outlook with an emphasis on technical education! He gave a new perspective to the Covid -19 pandemic.He explained the reverence of Indian ethos and the Indian value system.He said that all the innovations by our ancestors never patented any innovation and described the significance of simple living and high thinking..
He noted that now all graduates were being trained only to be workers and not entrepreneurs. He explained the Indian value system was self-actualization; instead, now everyone is focused on exploitation and ruthless usage of all kinds of resources.Asthe further question was discussed was the concept of SMART! Prof Khandal elaborated that of a smart idea! He explained health is the real wealth. He further describes how much one can serve society,nationnature, and level of knowledge.
Dr. R.K. Khandal further shared his experience of the various big corporations and the case studies with his anecdotes, which made the session very lively. He alsoelaborated on the concept of success in the current milieu.
He discussed the candidate on how to clear the IAS exam. Candidate worked and as an IAS teacher and sought to teach aspirants who were to be trained by teaching them about Newspaper reading! He taught so many students for 2 to 3 years, but in the fourth year, he clears the IAS exam in a single attempt.
Prof Khandal concluded with the advantages and disadvantages of being smart. He explained one can quickly become fashionable in a cunning way, and that is not a good thing. He told smartness is a skill that can be cultivated while brilliance and intellectare by birth. There was further an exciting discussion and question-answer session.

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