Apex Bodies in India for Education and Profession

After independence in 1947, the Indian government recognized that education is one of the most important aspects for building a modern and highly civilized progressive society based on high virtues. But to impart education to such a vast population is not an easy task. 

To make the functioning smooth, the government of India along with all the state governments formed many subordinate and independent governing bodies for regulating the education system in India at all levels from pre primary to higher as well as technical and professional education. 

The regulatory bodies include the most important AICTE, NCERT, AIMA, COA, UGC etc. These apex bodies make the necessary changes and get approvals from the Government of India officials then implements the changes and finally instructs the concerned universities to inculcate in their curriculum the requite changes.

Functions of the Apex Bodies

Some of the common functions and work of the various apex bodies include:
  • Maintaining uniform standards of that particular field of education in India
  • Regulating the curriculum in the training of professionals
  • Regulating the level of examinations and qualifications
  • Funding in priority areas, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Bringing standardization of training courses for professionals 
  • Prescribing minimum standards of education and training of various categories of professionals
  • Maintaining parity of certification & awards
  • Aiding in development, training and research
  • Conducting various entrance tests

List of Educational Apex Bodies in India

For the list of apex bodies of education India, click on the links below:

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