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Choosing your career is an important decision, based on several factors which would include interests, skills, education qualification and personality. Today, students are spoilt with choices. Making a career choice has therefore become a very difficult task. You need to spend some time and energy into making an informed decision  Children choose beyond the traditional career options of engineering, medical or law. Children opt for careers in hospitality and tourism, media and mass communication and computers and IT.

Assess Yourself: Before making a choice, you should understand your likes and dislikes. If you are clear about your personality traits and interests, selecting your career becomes very simple. If you are a creative person, you should choose a career from media and communications. Similarly, if you like to build machines or work on computers, a career in engineering would suit you.

Educational Qualifications: Now that you have your degrees, it is better to have a career commensurate with your qualifications. Certain careers like management, finance and engineering require specialized qualifications.

Set your Goals: You should set goals for your life. You should have a plan for the next five years and work towards your career accordingly. If you know what you want to do in life and where you wish to see yourself five years from now, choosing your career will become simple.

Career Viability: You should opt for a career which has excellent job prospects. Though almost all careers have good job prospects, you might have to struggle in the initial days as far as some careers are concerned. If you wish to be writer, it is advisable to work as a technical or a content writer for some time, before you can establish yourself as a fiction writer.

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