Offbeat Careers in India

Offbeat careers or unconventional careers is gradually gaining pace in India. Though traditional careers like engineering, medical, civil services and law is still popular and gains respect, offbear careers like creative writing, fashion designer, photorapher, wine tester are gaining popularity and importance.The students who are completing their studiesopt for these unconventional courses as hey satisfy the creative instinct.

Importance of Off Beat Careers

There may be less competition when one takes up a field they are interested in and a greater chance of getting recognized and being able to make a difference. Though Offbeat, these careers give you great satisfaction, flexibility of work, and make a hobby a profession. After completingClass 12 and studying graduation, one can start with the training and et placement wthin a span of few days. Offbeat careers usually do not requiure toomuch of formal training and 6 years to 1 year course in specified area. Some careers do not even demand any training like Radio Jockey, creative writing and cartoon drawing.

Offbeat Career Choices

Some of the common offbeat careers include:
  • Radio Jockey
  • Wine Tester
  • Bar Tender
  • Tea Tester
  • Cartoonist
  • Creative Writer
  • Wedding  Planner

However, a word of caution for those who want to choose offbeat careers as a profession. Job security is a problem and one must be ready to work in odd hours too.

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