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IST : 27/05/2024 05:22:03   

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India Education Network “IEN”- which is India’s largest network of nearly 500 educational websites has today announced its special offer for .SHIKSHA domain names for all educational institutes and other related service providers at a very low price of Rs.411/-only for the 1st year.

As we all know that “shiksha” is the Indian synonym of the word education and thus a .Shiksha domain will be of a great value for anyone in the education industry.

A large number of educational institutes and other services providers still do not have a website for their institutes or services and the .SHIKSHA domain name offers them a great opportunity to have a web site on .SHIKSHA domain name.

Our company Pan India Internet Pvt. Ltd. has launched this unique offer for a period up to 30th June 2019 in partnership with Afilias INC. USA for the benefit of the Indian Educational community and we invite every educational institute or other related providers to use the .Shiksha domain name for their services – said Mr. Rajkumar Jalan, CEO of the company.

Many large educational institutions who might already be having their website around other domains – can still use the proper .shiksha domain name of their institute for redirection to their existing websites and also use them for email or other services.
India Education Network has already launched a network of nearly 500 educational sites based on .Shiksha domains and this network covers all state, union territories and all major cities of India with a dedicated site for each of them like www.Delhi.Shiksha, www.Punjab.Shiksha and so on. The detailed list of our network sites can be seen at www.indiaeducation.shiksha/network.

These website offer all necessary education related information for everyone’s use. These sites also offer many other useful services for the benefit of the educational community of India.

The dedicated examination results site www.results.shiksha also supplements the network through publication of many important examination results.

We are also offering a bundled and very low cost website and email solution to the educational segment and our packages start from Rs.3500/- only per year for a .Shiksha domain + a 5 page website + 1 dedicated email account. Higher packages are also available to cater to all bigger needs. The domains can be registered through our site www.website.shiksha.

Mr. Siddharth Jalan
Pan India Internet Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi.
Email :- media@panindia.in


Siddharth Jalan

Director , India Education Network Pan India Internet Pvt Ltd North East Infotech