Student Entrepreneurs from Raffles Design Venture into Lifestyle Products

IST : 07/12/2023 16:08:03   

1503 Days ago

Two budding entrepreneurs from Raffles Design, Smruti Mathisekaran and Aditi Lunkad, have set up “Chaar Pai” to retail lifestyle products designed by the Raffles Interior Designers themselves.

The pair of long-time friends started the business as an avenue to express their creativity. The design theme of “Chaar Pai” is a fusion of aesthetics, ethnicity and modernism. Aditi and Smruti have designed stationery, fashion and home décor products, and aim to specialise in designing furniture and home accessories. They currently retail their products through social media network such as Facebook.

Juggling their studies and demands of the business, establishing contacts and understanding the market were challenges that Aditi and Smruti had to overcome. Their positive attitude and perseverance have kept them going. They aptly said, “We have so much we want to do and can’t wait to do them! We have the foundation laid, what is left is to build on it. It is going to be a never-ending process of building and improving as we grow the business.”

They also value the opportunity to be able to apply what they have learnt in their business and are grateful to the creative practitioners and staff at Raffles Mumbai for their support. In fact, their entrepreneurship foray was inspired by one of the courses in their Interior Design studies, and they were further encouraged by the overwhelming response received from the pop-up stalls they set up at college events.

The two Raffles Interior Designers have displayed strong entrepreneurship spirit, and we look forward to seeing them blossom and augment the Raffles quality of “Success by Design”.


Joquim Fernandes

Marketing , Raffles Design International