Architectural and Civil Drafters

The architectural and civil drafters prepare technical drawings to produce microchips, skyscrapers and buildings etc. A diploma or degree in architecture / civil engineering is required to start work as Architectural and Civil Drafter.

Role of Architectural and Civil Drafters

The job of an architectural and civil drafter employs to provide maps and guidelines for product creation or building design etc. Civil drafters work in projects like pipelines, bridges, highways, flood-control projects and sewage and water systems, while architectural drafter specialize in a type of material such as timber, concrete, masonry or steel, or they may specialize in a type of building such as commercial or residential.

Skills Required for Architectural and Civil Drafters

  • Competency in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is mandatory to work as civil drafter and architectural drafter.
  • Ability to work in team, good communication and written skills are essential.
  • Ability to handle pressure and work for long hours in front of computers is must.
  • Passion for creating beautiful designs so a product sell or a building design is praised by others is essential.

Scope of Architectural and Civil Drafters in India

Civil drafting typically consists of producing drawings and maps of specific locations to be used in public works projects, such as highways, water systems and pipelines. Opportunities for civil drafters are growing in India as demand for autocad civil designers is on the rise. Furniture design, interior design are ares where civil drafters are in great demand in India. Interior design firms and architectural firms hire civil drafters.

With the increase in privatisation of infrastructural activities draftsmen can find employment in private sector enterprises. There are a lot of job opportunities in public sector like PWD of various state and central government organisations.

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