Careers in Health Care

Health care career is a noble one. You should enter this field only when you are passionate about improving lives of others, to serve relentlessly and comfortable in a healthcare setting. Though health care professionals are given lucrative offers, it involves a very high level of physical and mental stress. A health care professional should be ready to work any time of the day as it is part of emergency duty.

Health care industry is one of the world’s fastest and largest growing industries. World economy expects long-term job growth in this industry when compared to other industries. The health care industry is not just about nurses, physicians, surgeons or dentists. It has a plethora of other options. We tend to forget that medical workers also maintain health, prevent illness, and provide support for practitioners. There are medical and clinical laboratory technicians performing laboratory tests, pharmacists offering prescribed medicines to patients and their families, respiratory therapists offering help to people suffering from respiratory and breathing problems.

As a health care professional, you can work in areas such as clinics, community health centers, mobile clinics, private and public hospitals, laboratories, medical libraries and rural health clinics. 

Healthcare in India

Healthcare industry in India witnessed a constant growth in the past years. the Indian healthcare industry today is emerging as a top-performer in the global platform for its facilities and services offered. This continual growth within the industry paves way for ample employment opportunities. Moreover, the existing lifestyle diseases, rising income levels, and increasing access to health insurance have further highlighted the role of healthcare services in today’s life, thereby also propelling the growth of the industry.

This section will give you a list of important careers in health care, their job prospects and skills required for that career.

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