Public Relations Managers

If you have charming personality, exemplary interpersonal skills then consider becoming public relations managers. The demanding nature and importance of the profession have given opportunity and the potential for advancement to top-level executive positions to the public relations managers. 

You can work as Public Relations Specialists, also called communications specialists and media specialists, handle an organization’s communication with the public, including consumers, investors, reporters, and other media specialists before taking over as PR Manager. 

Public relations managers review and sometimes write press releases. They also sponsor corporate events to help maintain and improve the image and identity of their organization or client.

Role of Public Relations Managers

  • Public relations managers and specialists typically do the following:
  • Write press releases and prepare information for the media
  • Identify main client groups and audiences and determine the best way to reach them
  • Respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson or information source
  • Help clients communicate effectively with the public
  • Develop and maintain their organization's corporate image and identity, using logos and signs
  • Draft speeches and arrange interviews for an organization’s top executives
  • Evaluate advertising and promotion programs to determine whether they are compatible with their organization’s public relations efforts
  • Develop and carry out fundraising strategies for an organization by identifying and contacting potential donors and applying for grants

Skills of Public Relations Managers

Interpersonal skills: Public relations managers and specialists deal with the public regularly; they need good to have  friendly to build rapport and get good cooperation from their media contacts.

Organizational skills:  Public relations managers and specialists are often in charge of managing several events at the same time, requiring superior organizational skills.

Good Judgment skills:  Public relations managers and specialists must use good judgment in what they report and how they report it.

Research skills: Public relations managers and specialists must often do research, including interviewing executives or other experts, to get the information they need.

Speaking skills: Public relations managers and specialists regularly speak on behalf of their organization so, they must be able to explain the organization’s position clearly.

Writing skills:  Public relations managers and specialists must be able to write well-organized and clear press releases and speeches. They must be able to grasp the key messages they want to get across and write them in a short, succinct way to get the attention of busy readers or listeners.

Scope of PR in India

PR as an industry emerged in the 90s in India and has come a long way to become one of the most competitive and rewarding career opportunities. For people who have good soft skills especially women, it is one of the most preferred jobs in India.

There are agencies everywhere, because every organization, every client who has a public profile needs to be groomed and showcased in a positive manner. As result, PR professionals are always in demand.

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