Consortium for Educational Communication

The Consortium for Educational Communication popularly known as CEC is one of the Inter University Centres set up by the University Grants Commission of India. The main purpose was to addres the needs of Higher Education through the use of powerful medium of Television alongwith the appropriate use of emerging Information Communication Technology (ICT).

In 1984, realizing the potential and power of television to act as means of Educational Knowledge dissemination, UGC started the Countrywide Classroom Programmes. For production of such programmes Media Centres were set up at 6 Universities. In 1993 it developed as a nodal  agency to coordinate, guide & facilitate such educational production at the National level. Today 21 Media Centres are working towards achieving this goal under the umbrella of CEC. 

CEC and its 21 Media Centers are producing e-content in 87 UG subjects. These e-content are developed in UG syllabus framework which is directly benefiting students of undergraduate courses. To benefit the millions of learners and general public it would be appropriate to repurpose these subjects based e-content material into short duration courses (8 to 10 weeks) similar to the course template of MOOCs

Objectives of CEC

  • Dissemination of Educational programmes through broadcast as well as non-broadcast modes. 
  • Production of Educational programmes (Audio/Visual and Web Based) and related support material further setting up of appropriate facilities for such production. 
  • Research activities related to optimizing the effectiveness of such programmes. 
  • Providing a forum for the active involvement of academic and other scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programmes. 
  • Studying, promoting & experimenting with new technology that will increase the reach and / or effectiveness of educational communication.


A proper balance between content generation, research in critical areas relating to imparting of education and connectivity for integrating our knowledge with the advancements in other countries is to be attempted. CEC, as an active partner, is engaged in generation of e-content courseware for undergraduate subjects under the plan project of NME-ICT of MHRD.

After launching ‘National Mission on Education through ICT’ on 2nd February, 2009 at Tirupati, the MHRD invited proposals from leading institutions of the country regarding development of e-Content.

CEC Gurukul Live Lectures
CEC Gurukul provides regular live transmission of educational lectures delivered by eminent  academicians across India from its state-of-the-art studio. Two hours live lectures are broadcast in the area of Arts & Literature, Management & Professional Studies, Social Sciences and Natural & Applied Sciences. These lectures are based on emerging knowledge fields, fundamentals of the subjects and career orientation. 

Consortium for Educational Communication
(An Inter University Centre of University Grants Commission on Electronic Media)
I.U.A.C. Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi – 110 067.
Phone No. : 011-24126418,24126419,24126420
Fax : 011-26897416

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