Aid and Grants

Student Grants are one of the types of financial aid that is provided to students through government agencies, foundations or various other organizations. These grants are not repayable and support the education of students at various levels. Moreover, Students need to apply for Grants and can later use them for any requirement they think is difficult to cover.

Procedure to apply for Grants

In order to apply for Grants, students first have to be eligible for them. Thereafter, the respective agency evaluates application forms and then awards them to the suitable candidates. One of the major criteria of eligibility is the financial status of a student. Thus, if a student belongs to low income group then he or she is easily provided with Grant. However, a student belonging to high or middle income group may not be eligible for them.

Usually different types of Grants are awarded for different levels of education, such as primary, secondary and post- secondary education. In such a case, the students may consult with their colleges and financial aids department to get latest information on the available Grants and their eligibility criteria.

Tips for Students

  • Grants are country specific and each one of them has different conditions.
  • Furthermore, the eligibility criteria, rules, dates, application forms and procedures also vary according to the different organizations.
  • Student Grants may include Maintenance Grant or a Fee Grant, which is decided according to the eligibility of the candidate.
  • Before applying, students should go through the various eligibility criteria and then fill the appropriate application form.
  • In many cases a test is taken whereby, students have to mention their nationality and means of livelihood.
  • Students who receive Grants are usually contacted directly and their names are published on the website.

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