National Academy of Direct Taxes

The apex training Institution of the Officers of the Direct Taxes Administration in India, National Academy of Direct Taxes ‘NADT’ was established in 1970. Apart from conducting the Induction training for the Officer Trainees of the Indian Revenue Service ‘IRS’, NADT also conducts a number of In-service courses for the middle to senior management level officials of the Income Tax Department. The Academy imparts proficiency in core competency areas, disseminates information about the best of academics and practices and provides an international perspective, high quality professional capabilities and cultural sensitivities to officers.

NADT imparts training on varied topics including taxation, management and finance to Group A officers of other Services of Government of India and also to the tax administrators of various other countries. Over the years, it has enhanced and embellished national interest by moulding human capital aspirations and functioning as a ‘best-interest’ think-tank in tax policy and administration. 

The training at the Academy is guided by:
  • The Citizen’s Charter of the Income Tax Department which envisages effective administration of the laws, excellent public delivery system, state of the art technological capabilities and proficient human capital.
  • National Training Policy, 2012: This has put in place the competency framework consisting of professional and soft skills at different levels, training objectives and targets, role of ministries and training institutions, trainers development, funding and infrastructure related policies which guides the Academy in its training endeavors.
To partner in the nation building process through progressive tax policy, efficient and effective administration and improved voluntary compliance.
  •  To formulate progressive tax policies
  •  To make compliance easy
  • To be accountable and transparent & act with honesty, in a fair and judicious manner
  • To deliver quality services
  • To continuously upgrade skills and build a professional and motivated workforce

List of Past Courses offered by NADT

  • OECD Seminar on Advance Tax Treaties
  • Feedback Seminar for the officers of 70th batch of IRS
  • Surrogate Trainers- OJT-II of 71st Batch of IRS
  • Training Programme on Benami Transactions Act
  • Preventive Vigilance and Functions of Inquiry Officers & Presenting Officers
  • Management Development Programme for 47th batch of IRS-Year 1993
  • CBDT-OECD Course on Advanced Transfer Pricing
  • Management Development Programme for 41st batch of IRS-Year 1987
  • CBDT-OECD Advanced Seminar on Tax Treaties
  • Mid Career Training Programme Phase-1 2018
  • Understanding The Centrality Of Central Charges-Enhancing Effeciency And Effectiveness
  • Training Programme on Self Management & Skills for Professional Excellence
  • Investigation Of Foreign Assest Cases

National Academy of Direct Taxes
Chhindwara Road, Nagpur - 440030
Tel: 0712-2322217

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