Modes of Education

The education system in the world is growing rapidly with a numerous new technological milestones being implemented and added constantly. The new modes of education in the present day world have led to improved teachers and students’ interaction both in the classrooms and even outside. This new change is catching fast not only in the university or college level, but also in schools around the world.

The popular web based-learning with the advent of education technology has brought about innovations in the knowledge delivery process of schools and colleges. The education system is now highly focused on creating ways to provide effective learning tools and techniques in the most cost effective way. It is also seen that the universities and colleges offering online or part time education are able to attract a huge strength of students over the past few years. Students have now started understanding the benefits they get through online study that provides them unparalleled advantage to continue their education.

Now, students have an opportunity and free access to open content, open knowledge and open technology by means of different modes of education which have evolved of late. It is unlike traditional learning and key beneficiaries are learners, who now do not feel that burden of a huge list of books, chapters, theories and practical classes which they need to cover up, to finally sit for an examination. The system has become so easy that with just a laptop and a good internet connection, one can easily pursue education from anywhere and at any point of time and keep a regular pace with the whole syllabus.

Distance Education

Distance education is now one one of the most important modes of education. It gives an opportunity for those who are unable to complete their education because of financial or other reasons. Many students enroll in distance education programs to add a qualification in their career or complete their education. Click here to know more about distance education in India.


E-learning in today’s time has taken over any mode of education and is considered as one of the most convenient means of education. This type of education may occur in a classroom or even outside the classroom. Again it may be self-paced learning or may be instructor-led learning. Click Here to know all about it.

Part-Time Education

Flexible hours of studying, stress free education, a recognized university degree without putting much effort, if these are things that you are looking for. Then yes! Part-Time Education is the right answer for you. There may be various reasons for you to opt for part time education, but whatever be the reason, opting for a part time education will never make you regret about your decision. The only thing is that you just need to spend few hours every week on your course of study. Click Here to know more about it.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

A massive open online course, commonly known as MOOC is a form of education that delivers learning content online to a person who wants to take up a course, with no limit on his/her attendance. In today’s world ‘massive open online course’ provides access to many courses being taught by some of the best universities around the globe by many industry experts and leading scholars. Use our comprehensive guide to MOOC by Clicking Here.

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