Volleyball Federation of India

Volleyball Federation of India was formed in the year 1951. Prior to the formation of the Volleyball Federation of India (VFI), the game was controlled by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and at that time the Interstate Volleyball Championship was held every two years from 1936 to 1950 for men only. The first Championship was held in the year 1936 at Lahore (now in Pakistan). In 1951, Volleyball Federation of India was formed and its first meeting was held in Ludhiana (Punjab).

The aims, objects, functions and duties of the Federation as stated in the Constitution are:-

a) To encourage and promote physical well being for both Men and Women spirit of participation in Games & Sports in general and promotion of the game of Volleyball in particular. Provided always that the aims and objects would not be profit making. The benefits should be available to all competent persons without distinction of religion, caste and / or sex. The application of the Volleyball Federation of India fund and activities would be confined to the territories of India.

b) To promote, regulate, organize and control the game of Volleyball.

c) To coordinate and encourage all activities in connection with Volleyball in India and abroad.

d) To hold National Championship for Men, Women, Boys and Girls and organize and run zonal and such other championships / competitions and trial matches as may be decided by the Executive committee of the Federation.

e) To organize and hold coaching and training camps for players and refresher courses for referees and coaches for promotion of the game, and to establish and maintain libraries for the diffusion of knowledge in Volleyball rules and games.

f) To hold qualifying tests for Volleyball Referees, Volleyball Coaches and other officials and lay down rules and regulations for their registration and proper functioning. 

g) To promote, control and assist in the formation of State and Departmental organizations and to admit them to suitable memberships and to lay down rules and conditions for the registration of State and Departmental organizations, players and 2 officials at all level.

h) To lay down rules and regulations for the affiliation of the members with the Volleyball Federation of India and for their proper functioning.

I) To coordinate, assist and guide the activities and functioning of the member organizations and through the other Volleyball bodies under their jurisdiction.

j) To take disciplinary action against the members and their officials and office bearers in relation to the Volleyball Federation of India.

k) To receive or to hear appeals from its members, Volleyball Players, Clubs, Referees, Coaches and other officials against disciplinary action taken against them by any other body and by any authority of the Federation and / or by its Member Unit.

l) To collect, receive and acquire grants, funds, donations, contributions, trophies, shields, awards and other properties, movable and immovable on behalf of the Federation.

m) To levy affiliation and other fees from its members for the proper discharge of its functions.

n) To seek affiliation with and recognition by the competent National and International bodies.

o) To invite Volleyball teams and officials to the country and to organize and / or finance international meets and championships and conduct tours by foreign team in this country.

p) To arrange and sponsor participation for the National and other Volleyball teams in the Olympics, the World, the Asian and other International contests, games and meets and to select teams to represent India in International contests / competitions and / or games arranged in connection with cultural exchange programme
between India and other countries AND to promote, control and finance visits by such teams abroad.

q) To arrange representation of the Volleyball Federation of India in International bodies, Asian bodies and in such other bodies as is considered necessary and their meetings.

r) The Federation will only deal with amateur games as defined by the competent National and International bodies.

s) To allow members to send their teams abroad and / or invite teams from abroad as per the rules of Volleyball Federation of India.

t) To render, if any when possible, financial assistance to affiliated organizations for the promotion and training of the game.

u) To grant scholarships / monetary help / contribute donations to institutions and / or to the families of deserving players / coaches / officials who are in need of the same because of natural calamities,
hardship, poverty and distress.

v) To compass differences, if any, among / between member / members and others at the request of the member and / or of its own and / or otherwise in resolving differences and other difficulties / differences
within the member's / members' State / States concerned and to arbitrate and constitute Tribunals and set up Adhoc Committee, etc. give direction as is considered necessary either of its own or at the request of the member concerned and / or otherwise.

w) To be the official organization in complete and sole charge of all matters concerned with the game of Volleyball in India.

x) To generally do all such other acts as may be desirable or necessary to preserve and / or augment the interest / cause of the game.

The Office-bearers are:

  1. President
  2. One Executive Vice-President
  3. Nine Vice-Presidents
  4. Secretary General
  5. Two Associate Secretaries
  6. Treasurer
  7. Seven Joint Secretaries

Volleyball Federation of India
Room No. 2, Sri Kanteerava Indoor Stadium,
Kasturba Road, Bangalore - 560001
Mobile: 91-9341342076 / 9972009990,
Telefax: 91-80-22228695,
Email: secretarykva@gmail.com

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