Careers in Indian Army

The Indian Army is one of the largest in the world and one of the most prestigious organisations to be associated with. A career in the armed forces involves bravery, adventure, patience and immense satisfaction of serving the country. The role of the army is diverse. Army not only protects and defends the country from enemies and terrorists but also helps civilians in times of emergency like floods, earthquake and tsunami and maintain law and order and organises relief operations. Other than exciting career opportunities that the armed forces offer, it also comes with a privileged lifestyle.

Commissions in the Army

Permanent Commission
– If you join the permanent commission, you have to serve the Indian Army for a minimum period of 20 years. One needs to join the National Defense Academy Pune or Indian Military Academy Dehradun.  After passing out from the NDA, Army cadets go to the IMA Dehradun where they undergo rigorous training for a year and are appointed as Gentlemen cadets and granted Permanent Commission.

Short Service Commission – If you do not want to join the permanent commission of the India, you can enrol in the short service commission. You can serve the Indian Army for a minimum period of 10 years after which you are given 3 choices: either opt for a permanent commission, seek a 4 years extension or opt out of the service.

Main Divisions of the Army

The divisions are under Combat are Infantry, artillery and armour.


Infantry –  As part of the infantry you lead soldiers and responsible for defending the borders. However, with the improvement technology you can expect to handle the latest arms and ammunition.

Artillery – You will be in charge of handling sophisticated guns and surface to surface missiles in the artillery. You can also be part of the air defense artillery in which you will be involved with air defense guns and missiles.

Armour – You will be working with tanks and other armoured vehicles. This will give you an advantage to hit at the opposition swiftly and defend your positions as well.

Non Combat

Intelligence Corps – As part of this division, you will be involved in analysing and interpreting information of movement of troops.

Signals – Here you are trained to break enemy communication codes and work on methods to maintain secrecy.

Engineers – The main responsibility of engineers here is to construct and maintain helipads, roads and bridges. Your job would also involve clearing minefields and blowing up dams and powerhouses!

Education Corps – Did you know that you can be a teacher and still be part of the  Indian Army. From subjects like English to new techniques of warfare to computers – the Army requires competent teachers in various disciplines.

Judge Advocate General – Did you know that you can join the Army even as a lawyer? Yes you can work as part of JAG and be responsible for enforcing the laws and also be ready to handle civilian cases brought against the army.

Army Medical Corps – Imagine operating from a small tent with shelling going on in the background! Yes it is challenging yet satisfying as you will be saving lives of several soldiers for whom you will be their only hope!

Army Nursing Corps – Nursing in itself is a noble profession and imagine working as a nnurse in an army hospital or even in a war zone!

Army Dental Corps –  Just like doctors and nurses, you will be working as dentists in Army dental hospitals.

Veterinary Corps – If you are a vet you can also be part of the Army training and ensuring the well being of dogs, camels, horses and other animals.

Army Supply Corps and Ordinance Corps – This is a very vital part of the non-combat division of the army. You will be responsible for supplying anything from clothes to water to medicines to ammunition to food.

Indian Army Eligibility Criteria

You can enter Indian Army after clearing NDA exam or through 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES 10+2)
Eligibility NDA – Candidates having passed 10+2 in any stream can appear for NDA entrance exam conducted twice a year in April and September. Only unmarried males between the age of 16 yrs and 19 years can apply.

Technical Entry Scheme

Candidates who have passed 10+2 with PCM and a minimum of 70% aggregate 

Benefits of the Army

  • Entitled Rations
  • Annual Leave Two Months & Casual Leave 20 Days
  • Concession on Air Travel
  • For retired officers
  • Pension at 50% of Last Pay Drawn
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity
  • Free Medical Treatment for self and Dependants
  • Canteen Facilities as Before
  • Insurance Cover
  • Resettlement Opportunities
  • MBA Programme for Retired Officers
For details on notofications on other requirements, please click here

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