Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialist / IT Support Specialist / Technical Support Specialist / Computer Network Support Specialist are professionals who help non IT literate users in making use of computer and IT products. These work round the clock in shifts helping people in different geographies remotely. They also tests network systems, performs regular maintenance check and troubleshoot Internet Network, LAN, WAN etc. Normally companies appoints these staffs as back-end and front-end. The back-end computer support specialist works with senior engineers and IT professionals while front-end staff also called help desk professionals solve customer queries and help trouble shooting software etc. remotely.

Skills Required for Computer Support Specialists

For highly sophisticated environment a bachelor’s degree in computers is minimum requirement. However, a diploma or post secondary certificate is norm in general to as computer support specialist in industry.

Personal Skills Computer Support Specialists

Personal Traits- Computer Support Specialist works with customers, they must need to be obedient listener and excellent problem solver loaded with patience. Dealing with different types of customers is another challenge.

Eye for details- Computer Support Specialists must be good listeners so they can follow the instructions of senior engineers and technical people while helping them on a project. They need to fast learners.

Language skills- expertise in computer related language as well as local dialect is essential to work as computer support specialist. Working for long hours in an stretch is another requirements.

Scope of  Computer Support Specialists in India

Indian IT industry is the fastest growing IT industry in the world. There is a lot of scope for IT in India. Many companies in the US and UK outsource work to India making the demand for computer support specialists go up. All IT majors look for professionals in this field as the attrition rate is also very high.

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