Magistrate is the most coveted position in the legal system of the India. In a democratic and republic country like India where the role of Magistrates and judges cannot be undermined. In fact they are the officials who are responsible for administering, interpreting and applying laws incorporated in the constitution or made by the legislature of state and central. 

In India, there are 4 categories of Magistrates

  • A Chief Judicial Magistrate
  • Judicial Magistrates First Class;
  • Judicial Magistrates Second Class; and
  • Executive Magistrates

Role of Judges

  • Research legal issues
  • Read and evaluate information from documents such as motions, claim applications, or records
  • Preside over hearings and listen to or read arguments by opposing parties
  • Determine if the information presented supports the charge, claim, or dispute
  • Decide if the procedure is being conducted according to the rules and law
  • Analyze, research, and apply laws, regulations, or precedents to reach judgments, conclusions, or agreements

Skills of Judges

Communication Skills: Judges should be able to explain the law in layman's terms and possess the ability to communicate with people on all levels.

Critical-reasoning Skills: Judges, mediators, and hearing officers must apply rules of law. They cannot let their own personal assumptions interfere with the proceedings. 

Decision-making Skills: Judges, mediators, and hearing officers must be able to weigh the facts, apply the law or rules, and make a decision relatively quickly.

Listening Skills: Judges, mediators, and hearing officers must pay close attention to what is being said in order to evaluate information.

Reading Comprehension: Judges, mediators, and hearing officers must be able to evaluate and distinguish the important facts from large amounts of complex information.  

Writing Skills: Judges, mediators, and hearing officers write recommendations or decisions on appeals or disputes. They must be able to write their decisions clearly so that all sides understand the decision.

Academic Qualification

Students who have finished their graduation in Law are eligible to become magistrates. Their age should be more than 21 and must not exceed 35 years at the time of applying. Those candidates who have finished their LLM degree are also eligible to apply. The candidates must have secured a minimum of 55% marks in their final exam.

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