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The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IITKGP) conducts written test MMST for admission to Masters in Medical Science & Technology. The course is administered through School of Medical Sciences and Technology (SMST). The candidates who have completed MBBS program can apply for admission. The course is interdisciplinary in nature.

The institute's website proudly reads

"Our vision is to have a medical academic institute with a multi-specialty research centre at its core, with the motto of education and collaboration for biomedical research and development, alongside treatment and healthcare delivery."

If you are a medical professional in the making, the IIT Kharagpur welcomes you to curate the technology for the causes of human health and biomedical landscape.

MMST Admission Test Important Dates

The official dates for MMST are still not released. Find the tentative dates as per last year’s schedule
  • Start of Online Application Form submission: Second / Third Week of April
  • Last Date for Submission of Online Application: Mid May
  • MMST Entrance Exam Dates: Last week of May
  • For exact dates see

MMST Admission Test Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates should have studied mathematics (even as additional subject) in their 10 plus 2 level.
  2. Candidates should have scored a minimum of 55% marks in their MBBS Degree from an institute recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

MMST Admission Test Application Process

The application process to apply for MMST is complete online. Apply Online for MMST. The application window is available through

MMST Admission Test Application Fees

  • General/OBC Male/Transgender candidates: Rs.1500/-
  • All Female or SC/ST/PwD candidates: Rs.750/-
  • *** Fees may vary

MMST Assistantship

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP) rewards Assistantship to all candidates who main a good academic record and render 10 hour per week clinical services in B.C. Roy Technology Hospital, IIT Kharagpur. Assistantship of Rs. 25,000/- per month is awarded to all the eligible students of MMST programme.

MMST Admission Test Center

  1. Kolkata

MMST Admission Test Pattern

  • Question Type: Objective Type
  • Duration: 2 hours (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon)
  • No. of questions: 120
  • Marks: 1 mark for each correct answers and 0.25 negative mark each wrong answer

MMST Selection Process

The selection of the candidate is strictly based upon their performance in the written test. They are required to answer 120 questions, out of which 75 are from the MBBS syllabus. The remaining questions are equally from 10 plus 2 level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

MMST Admission Test Syllabus

Newton's Law of Motion, translation and rotation, energy and power, conservation of linear momentum, simple harmonic motion, Hook's law, First law of thermodynamics, expansion of solid, Gas laws, Maxwell distribution of velocity, waves, interference of two waves, total internal reflection, Coulomb's law, Ohm's law, Magnetic field due to current, Faraday's law of induction, Photoelectric effect, Bohr model of atom, Radioactivity.

Chemical equilibrium, chemical and enzyme kinetics, Nuclear chemistry, Enzyme catalysis, Coordination Chemistry - preliminary concepts, Bonding, Strong and weak interactions, Inductive and resonance effect on acidity and basicity, Characteristics reactions of alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, amines, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, Optical isomerism of compounds containing two asymmetric centers, Aromatic and heterocyclic compounds (one hetero atom), Carbohydrates, Amino acids, Nucleic acids and proteins: general structure and physical properties.

Algebra of complex numbers, Theory of quadratic equations and quadratic expressions, relationship between roots and coefficients, Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progression, Equation of a straight line in various forms, angle between two lines, distance of a point from a line, lines through point of intersection of two lines, Limit, continuity and derivatives of a function, limit, and derivative of sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions and composite functions, Integration as the inverse process of differentiation, integration by parts.

Medical Sciences
Anatomy - gross and applied Physiology, Biochemistry and genetics, Pharmacology: emphasis on clinical pharmacology, Pathology including microbiology and parasitology - emphasis on microscopic structures. Social and preventive medicine : emphasis on infectious and communicable diseases, immunization and family planning, Medicine including Paediatrics, Surgery including Orthopaedics and Urology, Obstetrics & gynaecology, Ophthalmology and ENT, Anaesthesia and oncology, radio-diagnosis.

MMST Contact Details

Head, School of Medical Science and Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur - 721302, West Bengal

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