How to write online application successfully

Moving to next step in your career? GREAT!!! Whether you are planning to chose next best course or going for a job, you will need to fill an application form. Its the first step. World is going green. Information is traveling faster. Now you can apply online for many of the examinations and recruitment. But before you sit in your living room and start writing, some prior preparation is a must.
An online application form need to be written very-2 carefully. There is no eraser, once you fill and submit, you cannot change the information. Any small error may lead to cancellation of application. Plus, you need some materials before registration. To help test takers in writing online application here are few tips
  • Log on to application portal or download official handbook.
  • Look for application steps.
  • Note down important points, for example,
  • What all scanned copies of documents required
  • What is image size and format for scanned signature
  • What is image size and format of scanned photograph
  • How much is application fees?
  • Can I use net banking for fee submission? Through net banking of which bank I can pay fees?
  • Which Debit Card / Credit Card are accepted to pay fees? If I have the same.
  • Can I pay fees at the counter? If yes, where and how?
  • Whether I have printer installed with my computer for printing necessary documents?
  • Do I have a valid email id?
  • Do I have a valid mobile phone number?
Generally, online application process is similar everywhere. But some institute may differ on criteria. You must need to read instructions from application portal.
  • Writing online application is two step process, in the first step you need to sign up by providing your basic details like Name, Email ID, Birth Date and Mobile Phone Number etc.
  • Once you complete first step and submit a registration number is generated. On computer screen you will see MOVE TO NEXT STEP or NEXT button.
  • On clicking next button new dialogue box appears, here you need to provide registration number and all other details as shown on the screen.
  • Some application forms may have more than one page.
  • As soon you complete writing details, you will be prompted to Save/Edit and Submit option.
  • I will recommend to Save information, proofread everything, do corrections and make sure every letter that you have put here is correct.
  • Once you proofread, prompt to submit button and wait patiently.
  • Once information is submitted successfully, a dialogue appears on the computer screen showing successful status. Also you will get information through email and sms.
  • Preserve the email and mobile number and messages received till final results are declared. As you will receive any information from the concerned office through email and sms only. The first message received is an acknowledgement of that you have submitted successful application.

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