How to score 90% in Class 12

There are mainly 2 major factors that will decide how you score in your Class 12 board exams.

  1. How thoroughly you have revised the syllabus?
  2. How excellent you can answer the questions that are asked in the examination?

Point 1 –

The whole syllabus should be revised thoroughly. Making various notes covering the whole syllabus, daily study, revision and going through the notes again and again are some of the factors that can help you score a 90% in Class 12 Board Exams. You should evaluate your own mistakes and work harder in whatever you are weak at. Be it a chapter or the whole subject, if you feel that you are weak at it then you should devote more time at it. Leaving the revision for the last minute is biggest blunder that one can do. The last few days before the exam are the time for relaxing your body and mind. Therefore, a fatigued body and a tired mind can never give you good results.

Point 2 –

Read questions, understand what is asked before attempting to answer. Most students read only half the question and end up giving the wrong answer. It is best to answer in points. Everything should be jotted down neatly, so the examiner looks at your responses and knows that you have answered all that there was to answer.

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For Preparations:

  • Make a proper plan to study well. Start covering all the topics starting from the difficulty levels
  • The maths formulas should be kept handy and do a lot of maths practice to achieve proficiency in the subject
  • Devote time on Self study and Self Evaluation
  • Try to solve as many sample question papers as possible within the time set. This will also help you in time management.
  • Never miss out time for revision on a daily basis.
  • While preparing, if you realize that you are finding difficulty in solving problems of a particular topic, do not hesitate to take help from your teacher.
  • Sleep well to keep the body and mind relaxed.
  • Eat Healthy

On the day of exam:

  • The early morning should start with reviewing the formulae and the important topics.
  • Always have a positive approach towards the exam and be confident about yourself.

During Exam:

  • Make that wise decision to select the appropriate question that you want to answer first.
  • The presentation is very important. With proper margins and underlines, the answer script should look neat and tidy.
  • Do not waste time by getting stuck to a particular question if you are not able to solve, leave a space and move on to the next question.
  • To solve a maths sum try and write till the known steps; if the complete solution to the question is not known.
  • The last 10 minutes should only be kept for revising the answer sheets.

FAQs For Scoring 90% in Class 12 Board Exam

  1. Does presentation play a role in the Class 12 board exams?
    Yes it does. The way your work is presented in front of the examiner, plays a major role in determining the impact that you make on the examiner.

    The neatly written answer scripts play a crucial role to impress the examiner than an answer script which is full of cutting and overwriting. Therefore, do should anything that will make it easier for the examiner to check the answer sheet, do it. There are many students who are very good in studies but get less marks only because of the poor presentation. Moreover, there are also instances when actually the student is not so good, but due an excellent presentation have scored marks that is more than what he has expected. But, one thing is very important to note that all these things come only after you have prepared well for the examination. How much you garnish a dish, it won’t impress anyone if it didn't taste good.

  2. How to overcome weaknesses while studying?
    There may be times when you have to face a minor or major defeat and there may also be times of celebration and jubilation. But, the most important thing to remember is that neither failure causes depression or success cause complacence.

  3. How many hours of study should one put in on a daily basis to score a 90% in Class 12 board exams?
    No one is a born topper. One should put in a lot of hard work if they want to achieve something big. Yes, there are people who have an aptitude for a particular thing and have innate talents, but only with hard work, proper guidance and streamlined preparation; anyone can score excellent marks in all the subjects.

  4. Does preparing for entrance exams help us score excellent marks in Class 12 boards?
    Yes. Preparing competitive exams like the JEE can also help you to come out with flying colours in your Class 12 Boards. Half of the preparation is done when you start practicing the sums and formulas for JEE and other entrance examinations.

  5. English is considered as a tough nut to crack for many. How can we score above 90 marks in this subject?
    There are two things which form the basic foundation for the English paper, i.e. the interest in the English subject and the overall proficiency and knowledge in English.  For the literature section, don’t just read the books like that you do for a story book. But, instead delve deeper into the meanings. After going through the entire poems, essays and stories, start analyze about the characters and form the basic opinions about them on your own language.

    Using your own expressions and also quoting from the book is very important while answering the questions. However, if you quote too much from the book, then this may also give the impression that you have just memorized everything without even actually understanding the story, essay or the poem. Other the other hand, if you only write the answers completely using your own language, it may convey the message to the examiner that you haven't actually read the book and are writing things randomly. Thus, the best balance is quoting from the book and at the same time explaining it in your own language.

    Put your creativity to a great extent, when it comes to the writing skills section. Gracefully include as many points as you can fit in, within the word limit. But you should take care to stick to the specific formats.

    Finally, it is always the best thing to inculcate the reading habits in yourselves and try to improve your English proficiency. Not only this habit will help you to get a good score, but in the long run help you in your career growth. Particularly for those students who are in Class VIII to Class IX, they should focus on this point until the exams.

  6. How much time should we devote in each subject while preparing?
    No matter how easy any subject may seem, you should put in the same effort. You shouldn't leave any subject for the last two months before the examination, because with just one month left for the examination, and five subjects to revise, it will harder for you to do justice to it. However, you can schedule your work in such a way that so that you can spend more time with the subjects that you find tough. But, no matter what you should never try to leave out a subject completely.

  7. How to avoid exam stress?
    One should always remember that it is very natural to feel nervous before and during the examinations. Infact a little bit of tension is quite helpful as it helps you to put in the very best effort.  The origin of stress is only psychological; however talking with people who are very close to you can be very helpful. Indulge in your hobbies to take the mind off studies.

  8. What is the secret mantra of some who has scored above 90% in Class 12?
    Systematic preparation, consistent hard work and the proper environment at home and school that comes hand in hand along with a 90% in CBSE Class 12. Neither there is any need to devote all your time in studies nor do you need to completely sacrifice your interests.

  9. How to score 100 marks in Math, Physics and Chemistry. How should we prepare to score such an excellent marks?
    Be it Chemistry, Math, Physics or any other subjects like English, your single minded aim should only be to score a 100 percent. There is no subject that is less important than the other if you want to score an aggregate of above 90% marks in your Class 12. Hence, equal importance should be given to all the chapters or portions of the syllabus so that it helps you score a perfect 90% marks.
All the best!!

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