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Kids/Teen/Young Children or Special Need Kids; Toddler, Small Children or Grown Up Kids; call them with any name categories as a silent child or too much energetic, whether a child is a fast learner or playful, to take care of a child is a wonderful act you do in your life. Those memories you carry throughout life and enjoy recalling. But parenting is a tricky job.
As a parent/guardian you need to grow daily as your child grows. You need to answer new questions from your child everyday, you need to address those issues smartly.
Children are highly sensitive and fast learner; if you feel your child is not learning those Math puzzles fast and you are worried, you are wrong, he / she must be learning something new and interesting perhaps of his/her own interest. And you need to know what is running inside the mind of a child, till you not know, you won't be able to guide.
To know a child's mind is not an ordinary task, be a friend first and you will prove a good mentor too. Your child should have confidence in you and too build that confidence become a child first; throw away your superiority. Anything that you have learnt over the years before you become a parent may be useful to meet your career goals. Perhaps those lessons will go very well when your child will be ready to plunge in career world. But before he / she become a citizen, get a driving license, get rights to vote and become eligible to apply for a job or do business a solid foundation building is essential. Being a parent/guardian you certainly can back your child in life journey.
At IndiaEducation.Shikhsa our goal is to help every child to meet to finest career choices which we do continuously through our writings around career information. And so your child may travel in the right path since very beginning we publish here helpful articles for parents and guardians.
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If you have a question about parenting or career of your child please do feel free to ask to our career guide.

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